Charity Car Wash

Before planning your charity car wash, consider this.......

The washing of cars and other vehicles on driveways and in parking lots can have a negative impact on the environment because the untreated waste water is discharged directly to the ground or into lakes or streams through the storm sewer system. The discharge of the untreated waste water and oil waste products to the ground or to surface waters through the storm sewer system are not GREEN to the enviroment

Jersey Auto Spa has a cleaner alternative for Your Charity Carwash!! We are dedicated to helping organizations meet fundraising goals for their communities and projects, while protecting the environment. Your organization sells a Jersey Auto Spa car wash ticket for $13.95 and the group keeps 50% of the money, that’s $6.98 per ticket sold. There is no financial risk for your group. You can return any unsold books.

The success of this program stems from the fact that you are giving your contributors something of value & you are joining forces with a well-established company. The person buying the car wash ticket can use it at Jersey Auto Spa Carwash & Quick Lube anytime we are open. There are no Rain Outs and we do all the dirty work.

The group will have a space on Jersey Auto Spa Cawrwash & Quick Lube Facebook page to upload pictures and talk about the group’s fundraising event and to help spread the word about your event. If you need more information email us at

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